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Prof. Reinhardt als Keynote auf der DEX #1 Digital Event Series

11. Juli 2018 @ 17:00 - 22:00

Prpf. Kai Reinhardt als Keynote auf der DEX 1 München Gotzpartner und Salesforce

Beyond the buzz

Mainly driven by the impact of digitalization, our environment is being shaped faster than ever. In our VUCA world disruptive business models change competitive landscapes in a furious pace and even the most stable industries need to address innovative technologies as well as new ways of working in their eco-systems. Everything becomes smart and connected, opening tremendous opportunities for a brighter, more digital future… Okay, nothing new!

But one thing is for sure: To master the emerging challenges, collaboration has become an essential key to success. Accordingly, we created DEX – Digital Executives Roundtable as a platform for all those, who face the same digital challenges, the same relevant trends and sometimes different  chances to win. This is not about us, goetzpartners and, we consider us just as hosts to make sure you have a stimulating time together with your peers.

Digitalization has evolved from phase one where corporations were trying out new working methodologies or introducing start-up experiences to become digital players overnight to a phase two. Now, the focus lies on establishing these digital accelerators into the company culture with a clear impact on revenue and productivity. Time is over to play with new tools and technologies outside the company’s DNA and organizational structure generating high costs with low business impact.


11. Juli 2018
17:00 - 22:00




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